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  • yuko0318
    31 yrsAS8
    Outer Tokyo
    Hello, Nice to meet you こんにちは!
  • iri_12
    20 yrsAS8
    San Cristóbal
    I am student university , I like drawing and the arts and meeting new people
  • astrel17
    30 yrsAS8
    I like fine arts, travelling, cultures)
  • nikakora
    24 yrsAS8
    hihi* I'd be happy to chat with new friends on sk*pe: elis_mak )
  • dali549
    29 yrsAS8
    to be friends <3 I really hope (^O<)
  • atsumi8p
    33 yrsAS7
    enjoy meeting new people!

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  • ana_brazil
    35 yrsAS7
    São Paulo
    Interested in make friends abroad!
  • mausheem
    29 yrsAS4
    i am friendly and honest
  • linn30
    32 yrsAS7
    New York
    I am Linda by name female single with no kids and never been married and i was Bron in United Sate is New York (Bronx) but normally now in Ghana to visit my Suck Aunt she is Very Sick at the moment...
  • oddone23
    21 yrsAS6
    Im completely unique in my own way and the best friend you ever had.