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  • jennien
    27 yrsAS8
    Ho Chi Minh City
    would you try to listen the song " Kiseki - Minho"? Now i really like this song :) It has cheerful tone, sweet lyric...
  • yuko0318
    32 yrsAS8
    Outer Tokyo
    Hello, Nice to meet you こんにちは!
  • barettta
    19 yrsAS7
    i am Intan and i am not like you're thinking about.
  • maya213
    24 yrsAS8
    Hi! I would like to make new friends
  • mg_777
    33 yrsAS8
    Hello everyone.I'm interested in communicating people.I wanna study English and culture at communication.when you wanna know something about Japan I can tell you.Feel free to talk to me:)
  • lanaaje
    28 yrsAS7
    Loving you everyday

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  • angelrosas
    32 yrsAS7
    João Pessoa
    This part is, for me, always weird. I like to be a private person, I like to read, listen to music, I'm oppened when people try to know me better, so talk to me and we can know more about each other.
  • mmiiii
    31 yrsAS7
    Hi! Nice to meet you!
  • alexdallastexas
    28 yrsAS8
    Hello, I am Alex from Dallas, Texas, USA. I'd like to meet some good people. Hopefully I could find a life partner.
  • petsyo_o
    22 yrsAS7
    im a Christian who luv God n love goin on mission trips.I luv making new friends. I also enjoy goin on adventures sum even say im free spirited n tht im a happy soul.im also complicated :D